Crafty Mavens

Display by Crafty Mavens at the 2020 Jewish food Festival

Quilts made by Crafty Mavens Members in May and June 2017.

Wall Hangings at the JCV

We love to quilt or just to sit around talking about knitting, sewing or quilting.

Some of us are also members of the Crafty Mavens Circle, a Circle within the Venice Area Quilt Guilt.

We come together on the second and fourth Monday of every month.
We welcome anyone interested in any of the needle arts. 

For our Jewish Center, we have made an Ark cover, curtains, piano and organ covers as well as kippots for our congregation.For the Community we have made countless quilts for Hospice and Head Start
as well as over 100 knitted caps for new born infants.

Our members have taught others a variety of techniques including
knitting, crocheting and quilting.

We spearheaded a drive to help the Women of Tzfat, Israel
develop sewing skills by sending much needed supplies. We have sent quilts to the IDF during the Gaza uprising.

Show and Kvell is an important part of our meeting.