Family Education Learning about Israel

 As part of the Jewish Congregation of Venice Family Education program, children and
parents learned how archaeology in Israel reveals so much about the history of this land in Biblical times. Children and adults learned how modern Jews are connecting with the ancient people who lived and worked in this land and left items behind, long buried but now being discovered by many archaeologists digging in various sites. The children, with gloves, small shovels and brushes, dug into the sandbox to find hidden “relics”, as their parents cheered them on. Pottery shards donated by local ceramicist Betty Buchman,

Israeli coins collected by JCV members, 50 year old bronze Israeli belt buckles carved withsymbols and Greek and Hebrew inscriptions lent by Hebrew language teacher Chaya Pereira, and engraved silver wine cups from the archive storage of JCV, were among the items the children excavated. The students then cleaned and sorted the artifacts, and curated them into a “museum” presentation for their classroom. The success dig was celebrated with Israeli snacks for everyone. The JCV Family Education program is open to families with pre­school and elementary school age children. Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is offered for middle school students. For more information about the Jewish Congregation of Venice, call 484­2022.