Men's Club Program 2016-2017

The Men’s Club 2016-2017 session has programs for everyone, from Broadway to
Russia, from the lofty heights of spirituality to the depths beneath the waves, from
harrowing tales of escape to nostalgic rhythms of Jewish life. Programs begin with
breakfast prepared by our Chef Billy Hershkowitz, served at 9:30 a.m. at the JCV.
Everyone is welcome. A $7 donation is requested to cover cost of food.

October 23. “If It's Not kosher It's Not Broadway.” Murray Chase, Executive Director Venice Theater.
PLACES PLEASE. That’s the call for actors to get ready for their opening number. The
Venice Theater now ranks 2nd amongst the nation’s 1500 community theaters. Murray
Chase, its Executive Director, will spotlight the 2016-17 Venice Theatre season and will
give us his interpretation of the song from Spamalot, “If It’s Not Kosher It’s Not
Broadway.” Learn more about theater as you munch on a Broadway Bagel Breakfast
made for the occasion.

November 20. “The Kasztner Train. How I survived the Holocaust..” Rifka

Born in Hungary, Rifka Glatz was one of more than 1800 Hungarian Jews who survived
the Holocaust thanks to Rezso Kasztner, whose efforts allowed them to cross the Swiss
border in a train he provided. She will describe her odyssey, the antisemitism then and
now, and the controversy surrounding Kasztner, who was later murdered in Israel.Type your paragraph here.

December 11. “Imperfect Memory.” Syl Boni.
Syl Boni’s talk will be a personal account of how his family survived the Holocaust. “It
has been a long, long time, but I will do my best to recall and describe the journey from Europe to Syracuse, New York, events that are still vivid in my memory.”

January 15. “My Journey to Judaism.” Bob Dreifort.
Bob Dreifort is the product of an eclectic religious background. His family originated in
East Prussia and he was baptized in the Lutheran Church. His grandmother, from
Bavaria, was raised Catholic. His mother’s religion was Mennonite with roots in the
Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. At age 16, he attended a Unitarian Sunday School and that religion spoke to him. He married a Jewish girl (Jean) and they stayed in the Unitarian Church until their two children went away to college. At the age of 50 he began a spiritual spiritual journey which led to his conversion to Judaism. “I had been a Jew all my life and just didn’t know it.”

February 5. “25+ Years Underwater.” Art Firester.
Art and Lynne Firester are recreational scuba divers and photographers. This presentation will touch on how they began diving, places they dive and the techniques, experiences, and outcomes of photographing the beautiful underwater part of our world.

March 12.“Jewish Life as Reflected in Yiddish Song.” David Berman.
David Berman will address some basic questions as to what is meant by the terms Jewish music and Yiddish song. He will examine the conflicting attitudes that various segments of our Jewish and gentile communities have had towards secular Yiddish song. He will use both CDs and a live performance with his wife Alice. The audience will have song sheets with the lyrics in transliterated Yiddish and in English translation, including songs of love, holidays, lullabies, work, hunger, pride, nostalgia, aging, the Holocaust, and Chassidic yearning.

April 23. “My Journey.” Boris Silversteyn.
Boris Silverstein will offer a glimpse into the life of a typical Jewish family in the Soviet
Union before, during, and after WWII. He will describe the tortuous path his family had
to take to be allowed to leave the USSR in 1979, and the support they got along the way from various Jewish organizations.