All movies are the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. There will be no movie in February due to the Food Festival. For a nominal fee of $3 you will enjoy “movie night,” a brief discussion afterwards, and home-baked desserts with coffee


October 10, 2017  East Side Sushi

When she begins working at a Japanese restaurant, single mother Juana soon learns the journey from fruit cart vendor to sushi chef isn't an easy one -- especially if neither your race nor your gender matches up with people's expectations

November 14, 2017  The People Vs. Fritz Bauer

While serving as a state attorney general in postwar Germany, Fritz Bauer receives word that fugitive Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann is living in Argentina. To bring him to justice, Bauer secretly enlists help from the Israeli Mossad.
December 12, 2017  The Women’s Balcony
As an Orthodox Jewish community is celebrating the bar mitzvah of one of its members, the balcony that holds the women collapses. When an ultraconservative new rabbi takes charge of the repairs, he incites a gender war in the process.  Comedy

 January 9, 2018   Free Men

Getting by selling black market goods in Nazi-occupied Paris, a young Algerian immigrant is arrested and made to become a police spy. But when his activities expose him to a beautiful Arab Jewish singer, his loyalties soon change