Social Action aims to put the Jewish value of tikkun olam into action.

The Jewish Congregation of Venice's has a Social Action Committee that provides multiple opportunities for our congregants to participate in outreach activities to the local, national and global communities.

The JCV members currently participate in the following activities:

· Thanksgiving Dinner for Congregation

· Passover Dinner for Congregation

· Feed the homeless

· Back Pack Program

· Volunteers in times of disasters, hurricanes, etc.

· Provide meals to Congregants when a need arises

· Crafty Mavens: 

        Quilts for  - Head Start, - Hospice,  - Congregants under the weather

· Food for Venice Food Bank during High Holy Days

· Volunteering at local community agencies, ie. Venice Hospital, hospice, library, homeless shelters, the Venice Pregnancy Care Center and the Promise4Hope

Care Committee

· Visiting Congregants who are ill

· Provide information re local services: transportation, food, emergency services