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The JCV has canceled all live services and activities until further notice. If you have any questions or if this is an emergency contact the temple office at 941-484-2022 or the JCV President at 651-492-2688. We will update this post on a regular basis. Stay healthy.


Our annual dues are $700.00 for an individual and $1400.00 for a family.

High Holiday tickets are included.
Snowbirds dues are $350.00

We have no building fund.


The last Congregation meeting was important to the growth of the organization as a House of Worship as well as the center of our social networking. That meeting, we decided to raise our dues in order to have a sufficient budget to secure a full-time Rabbi as well as to pay all our other bills. As a result, we have increased our credibility and recognition within the Jewish community, because now the JCV, like other Temples and synagogues, has a full-time Rabbi as well as a Cantor. What we get for our membership in the Jewish Congregation of Venice!

We are able to attend worship services each Shabbat, each holiday and each religious festival. We are able to be given honors and come to the Bimah at these events. What an honor to join the long line of our ancestors to come forward and participate in religious services!

High Holy Day Tickets
We will have tickets to attend the High Holiday services and be able to join with our friends and relatives in this most solemn and significant program of worship. We will be able to purchase additional tickets for our children and our parents at a discount rate so that we may all worship together.

Representation of our Jewish interests
We, as a Jewish organization are the representatives of the Jewish people in the Greater Venice area. What you may not know is that we maintain an ongoing working relationship with local, State and Federal Agencies as well as worldwide Jewish organizations. Our involvement with these groups is a result of being concerned for the safety and well being of our Jewish community in the Greater Venice area.

Dialogue with Christian organizations
We have continued dialogue with a variety of Christian organizations. We participate in interfaith meetings as well as educational programs that both inform us about the Jewish religion as well as encourage tolerance and understanding.

Exclusive Library Use
As a member we have use of our extensive library at no charge. Our library continues to grow and expand taking advantage of technological advances in this area.

We are able to join and participate in the Sisterhood. We have an “Open Door” policy for membership. We are an arm of the Jewish Congregation of Venice, bringing the women of the organization together in friendship and fellowship. We invite all women, non JCV members as well as JCV members to join.

We are able to join and participate in our Chavurah groups. This is a social network of friends that meet regularly for activities, such as, education, entertainment and fellowship. In the past, a Chavurah group has been an open organization. However, beginning July 1, 2008, all members of a Chavurah group must be a member of the JCV.

Our new granting committee has been very successful in receiving grants for Jewish awareness and education in the community.

Adult Education
We are able to attend any and all of the Rabbi’s courses and special programs. We will study together and learn about our joint history, customs and interpretations of the Tanach and many other important writings.

This group has grown and gained in popularity, enabling members to participate in parties, social activities, secular celebrations, and an extensive variety of interesting events.

We will have the pleasure of working together on committees to put programs and events into place for our friends and neighbors. Working together, elbow-to-elbow promotes understanding and establishes relationship that strengthen our bonds.

Memorial Park
After the required three years of membership, we will be allowed to purchase a cemetery plot. As in days long ago, the Synagogue and the cemetery had close proximity in order to facilitate respectful mourning.

In order to be able to enjoy all the benefits of membership, we must share the responsibility of supporting the JCV. Our annual dues represent an important part - a fair share - of the many expenses involved in both staffing and maintaining the facility. Let us continue to provide a special place of Jewish belonging at our Jewish Congregation of Venice.

Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780